A philosophy of mathematics PhD programme wiki

February 9, 2015

In association with Shawn A. Miller I’ve created a wiki listing those philosophy PhD programmes where one can do research in the philosophy of mathematics. A department is eligible if it has an associated PhD programme and includes at least one full-time permanent faculty member with research interests in the philosophy of mathematics.

As well as the names of relevant faculty members, the wiki includes links to their websites and PhilPapers profile where one exists, so that students can find out about the work and research interests of potential supervisors. Emeritus and affiliated faculty can also be listed on the pages for individual programmes.

So far there are almost 70 institutions listed, but there is still a lot to do. In particular, the coverage of some areas (such as continental Europe and Scandinavia) is rather sparse. I also aim to list research specialities for every faculty member included on the site as well, but this part is just in its infancy, so if you can find a few spare minutes to help out—even just updating your own entry, or that of your department—it would be immensely helpful for prospective graduate students in philosophy of mathematics.

You can view and edit the wiki at philmath.net.

By Benedict Eastaugh.