I am a PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Bristol. My research interests lie primarily in logic and philosophy of mathematics; at present I'm mainly working on the philosophical issues raised by reverse mathematics.

From mid-May to early July I am visiting the MCMP in Munich. I am also attending the Logic Colloquium in Vienna this July, as well as the summer school Proof, Truth, Computation at Chiemsee.

If you'd like to get in touch, please email me at benedict@eastaugh.net (here's my PGP public key).

Recent and upcoming talks

Logic Colloquium 2014.
Vienna University of Technology, July 2014.

Work in Progress Seminar.
Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, June 2014.

Midlands Logic Seminar.
University of Birmingham, March 2014.

Philosophy of Mathematics Workshop.
KU Leuven, February 2014.

Bristol–Kyoto Workshop.
University of Bristol, September 2013.