Benedict Eastaugh

I have just finished my PhD in philosophy at the University of Bristol, and will be moving to the University of Aberdeen this September to take up a role with the Set Theoretic Pluralism network.

My research concerns philosophical questions surrounding reverse mathematics.

You can read more in my CV.

If you'd like to get in touch, please email me at (here's my PGP public key).

In collaboration with Shawn A. Miller I have created a wiki of PhD programmes with strengths in the philosophy of mathematics; you can visit it at

Recent and upcoming talks

Workshop on ontological commitment in mathematics.
IHPST, Paris, December 2015.

Logic Colloquium 2015.
University of Helsinki, August 2015.

CLMPS 2015.
University of Helsinki, August 2015.

Institute of Philosophy (affiliated with SoTFoM II).
University of London, January 2015.