Occasionally I hammer things together out of bits and bytes. Most of the publicly-available code I write these days goes up on GitHub.


Firmin is a JavaScript animation library that uses CSS transforms and transitions to create smooth, hardware-accelerated animations. I wrote an extensive article describing the library and its development.


Udon is a library for practical functional programming with JavaScript. It ports various elements of Haskell’s Data.List library to JavaScript, as well as providing facilities for currying and function composition.


Hatt is a command-line program which generates truth tables for expressions in classical propositional logic. It also converts these expressions into various normal forms.

Paper Trail

Paper Trail is a small Rails application I created to keep track of my reading. During its development I created the URLify gem to convert accented characters to their ASCII equivalents.

Fish mobile

Now you too can have cardboard fish hanging from the ceiling.


Stylish is a tool for writing CSS with Ruby.


Previous versions of this website were developed using WordPress, and my work on that system includes contributing the occasional patch to the WordPress core and creating the Tarski theme.


Tarski is an elegant, flexible WordPress theme created by myself and Chris Sternal-Johnson. It is named for the logician Alfred Tarski. I recommend his papers ‘The Concept of Truth in Formalized Languages’ and ‘On the Concept of Logical Consequence’, both of which can be found in the collection Logic, Semantics, Metamathematics.


A plugin to turn relative URIs in your posts and pages into absolute ones, fixing the issues you’ll otherwise have when your content is loaded in a context outside your site.

Access Control

A simple access control plugin: only allow logged-in users to view your site. It redirects visitors who aren’t logged in to the login page.


This plugin adds per-post stylesheet links, letting you customise each post and page of your site like Jason Santa Maria.