Fish Mobile

Fish Mobile

This downloadable PDF template will allow you to create your very own fish mobile. The template only uses black ink, so it should print on any normal desktop printer.

Download fish mobile template

The mobile made its debut in this entry, which includes a small gallery of readers’ mobiles. If you’ve made your own, please, send in a photo or three!


  1. Print this template onto a piece of coloured card. You can buy this from art supply shops; I recommend a weight of around 300 gm-2. If you want the fish to be different colours I’m afraid you’re simply going to have to print this out several times on different coloured sheets.
  2. Cut out the fish shapes with a sharp knife, and use a hole punch for the eyes. Then use a large needle to make a hole through the fin, where indicated.
  3. Take some fine cotton thread, and thread it through the fin hole. Tie the end to the main piece of thread, so the fish won’t fall off. You can now attach the fish to a coat hanger or circular piece of wire, and hang the completed mobile from a lampshade, or something else high enough to ensure you don’t bump your head on it.